xfdesktop crash - no right click - no panel

Linux Master Jedi linuxmasterjedi at free.fr
Sat Apr 9 17:33:20 CEST 2005


got a strange problem after a CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE,
xfdesktop keep crashing each time i run startxfce4, so, i don't have a right click.
I tried to had this xfce menu on the Panel, and it crashed my panel too, so now, I'm without right 
click and panel.
I decide to move my .config/ and restarted X, same problem.
To finish, i tried to upgrade from 4.2 to and it's the same problem...
When i run xfdesktop, i have a "core dumped" immediately, same for "xfce4-panel"
I use Xfce 4.2 since 2 month without any problem.

that's all, if anyone got an information, please, help me.

Thanks by advance.

Toulouse, France.

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