General XFCE GUI nitpicks

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Sat Apr 9 09:06:26 CEST 2005

James Cho wrote:
> I've got some general GUI suggestions, dealing with little things that I
> think need a little change.  Here's a short list:
> Panel
>  - Make drop down menus vanish upon any non-menu click (as in Windows,
> OS X etc.)
>  - Drag and drop support... 4.4 maybe?
>  - Keep the panel "active" and usable when viewing Item properties

Ok ;-) Well, I'm working on it and these are all on my 'annoyances' list 
as well.

> Launchers
>  - Set the "Attach menu to launcher" checkbox to "unchecked" by default

It isn't? Hmm, easy to change.

>  - Remove the "Add launcher" item from attached menus.  Instead, add a
> right click menu that duplicates the right click menu of Panel
> Launchers.  Adds GUI consistency and shrinks the menu size nicely.

I was thinking of one dialog with a list of launchers for both the panel 
(the first item) and the menu.

>  - Get rid of tear-off menus maybe?  Are they really used often?  I've
> noticed every linux WM or desktop environment allows for liberal menu
> tear-offs, where OS X and Windows do not.  I never use them and think
> they just clutter the menus, but then again, I grew up on Windows.

Yeah, but there usually is someone who uses this feature who stops me 
from doing so (Hi Francois ;-).

> Etc.
>  - Keep corner buttons (close/minimize/shade etc.) visible in background
> windows
> I really apologize if these have already been discussed thoroughly and
> discarded.  I'd like to know what you all think though, and whether you
> have your own little annoyances with bits of XFCE.

Thanks for the input.


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