Features wishlist for xfce 4.1

Xan DXpublica at telefonica.net
Mon May 31 22:05:35 CEST 2004


Recently I became a user of xfce4. I have to say that I'm casual user yet, but 
I like xfce4 very much and it's modularity (so the low memory consum with the 
beauty of gtk and user-wanted loaded modules), and I think that with the new 
(mature) versions of xfce4, I will become permanent user.

Well, I have a list of wishes for xfce4. I don't know if these are (or are 
planned for will be) in the next versions (I don't know that in part because 
I think that you have an avaliable public Release Plan or _general_ TODO 
list; can you do it!?). With no more dilations:

1) The possibility of having space between icons of taskbar. In gnome or kde 
we can left a space between a group of icons and another. This completes, 
with my point of view, the separator icon in xfce4. Perhaps you can do this 
with an "blank icon". But, I'm only a desktop user, so I don't know it.

2) Button for hidden taskbar and processbar when these have the full length 
(like gnome or kde). It's useful for some applications (typically X{pdf, ..}) 
that occupy all the screen.

3) Notification applet (like gnome or kde). For example when running gaim of 

4) Minor wish: Can you add an option to xfdesktop?. I saw in 
http://xfce.org/xfce_42_info/xfce42.html that it has menu support. I saw in 
http://xfce.org/images/screenshots/xfce42.png that this menu appears with "X" 
logo (like "G" in gnome and "K" in KDE). I wonder if I can choose this image. 
I think that it were fun if we can choose it.

   Personally, I think in "mouse" logo of xfce instead of "X" logo.

All of these with the best intention,

PS: Sorry for my poor english.

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