OT: Any suggestions for good gtk-based file managers?

Marv Boyes marvboyes at att.net
Mon May 31 07:48:32 CEST 2004

Hello, everyone. I realize that this only tangentially related to Xfce, 
but I've come to trust the judgement of the "regulars" who post here.

The more I use gtk-based applications, the more I favor them over their 
Qt/KDE counterparts. They just run better, work better, and move faster 
in Xfce. My one KDE holdout is Konqueror (in file manager mode)-- I 
haven't found another file manager with the features I need. My problem 
is that Konq's begun doing some weird things; segfaulting a lot, and 
spewing a boatload of error and warning messages into whatever consoles 
I may happen to have open. I'd like to find a gtk work-alike, if such a 
thing exists.

Nautilus isn't an option for me at this time: it has a bad habit of 
trashing my desktop; while I've read posts related to that very problem 
in this list, I'm just not savvy enough a user to fix it. xffm is nice 
when I need to do something in a hurry, but it just doesn't have all the 
features I need (which is hardly Olivier's fault :) ). If anyone's aware 
of a gtk-based file manager that's relatively feature-rich, 
Xfce-friendly, and works a lot like Konqueror (but better), I'd be 
delighted to learn of it.

Thanks very much in advance.

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