Tiny Annoyances

Scott Rubin slr2777 at cs.rit.edu
Sat May 29 05:27:37 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I've been a happy xfce user for a few months now.  I heard about it on 
the gentoo forums awhile back, emerged it, and I haven't looked back.  
However, lately I have discovered a few small annoyances with xfce4.  
I'm wondering if they are already fixed, have workarounds, or if other 
people notice them. 

The first two things are a result of me using nvidia twinview.  I have 
two monitors, but it acts like one big wide one.  Despite this, it still 
passes on the usual xinerama hints/flags so that any xinerama enabled 
application works properly.  For the most part, xfce4 recognizes the 
fact I have two monitors.  Windows will snap against the inner edges of 
both screens very nicely, and my tasbar nicely stays on one and only one 
screen.  Despite this, the taskbar wont move to the other screen.  It 
takes up the top of my secondary monitor and I can only move it to the 
bottom of the same monitor.  Not only that, but on the primary monitor, 
even though the taskbar isn't there, I can't move windows into the space 
the taskbar would normally occupy. 

The other annoyance due to twinview is that the xfdesktop is stretched 
out, so my background image is stretched out.  Is there a way to make 
two xfdesktops, one per screen, or have xfdesktop recognize my 
dual-monitorness?  I would really like my backdrop not to be so 
stretched out.  Tiling it kind of works, but I would really like the 
image centered and scaled once per monitor. 

The other small annoyance is that I can't make windows snap while 
resizing them.  I can get windows to snap to each other just fine while 
moving them, but not while resizing.  Like if I have two windows open, 
not touching, and I want to stretch one out to touch the other one. 

The last thing that would make my day is if the taskbar had context 
sensitive menus.  It takes up a significant portion of screen real 
estate, and it is quite useful.  But all it can do is let me swith 
between applications.  If I cloud close, kill, minimize, stickify, etc. 
different apps by right clicking on them in the taskbar that would rule. 

Other than those few things, xfce is perfection in window management as 
far as I'm concerned.  Great work. 



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