windows switching

Scott Rubin slr2777 at
Tue May 18 14:56:34 CEST 2004

I agree.  The current alt-tabbing is not visually intuitive.  To fix it 
I suggest a few things.  First, what has been suggested before.  The 
small alt-tab box that displays in the middle of the screen should show 
the icon and/or thumbnail of the window you are switching to.  The text 
in the box we have right now is no good.  Second, instead of 
highlighting the border of the soon to be active window do this.  When 
alt-tab is pressed every window is set to have transparency of 85% or 
so.  The focused window will have 0 transparency.  It will be very very 
easy to tell which window will come to the forefront this way.  You 
might even be able to forego the box with icons/thumbnails in it if this 
is implemented well.  Some sort of hint of color in the pager may be 
helpful for people who keep their eye down there.  Lastly there should 
be an option in the control center to toggle alt-tabbing across virtual 
desktops.  I know some people who really want that feature.

Ok, that's all I got, discuss.


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