Panel plugin for Desktop Menu?

Shahar Weiss sweiss4 at
Sun May 16 15:06:34 CEST 2004

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:

> Shahar Weiss wrote:
>> Hello. I was wondering if is it possible to create some sort of a 
>> start button for the panel, which will present the xfdesktop menu 
>> when clicked. I'd like to use ROX in order to get some useful desktop 
>> icons, but the XFCE menu is also very important to me..
>> Is it possible to code such a thing?
> there already is one, in xfdesktop CVS.  you'll need CVS libxfce4util 
> and libxfcegui4 as well if you want to use it.  note that there are 
> still some issues with the CVS version that you'll have to live with...
>    -brian
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Well, I did try the CVS version but unfortunately it is very unstable 
for me :\

I guess there's no way for me to patch this plugin somehow to work with the stable xfce?
the stable xfce?

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