opera/xfce problem ???

Lubos Soltes soltes at intrak.sk
Fri May 14 21:56:51 CEST 2004

	Hi there

	I don't know if this is an xfce problem, but it worked alright in kahakai,
	so I guess it's xfce.

	How many 'modular' dialogs does xfce support on top of each other??
	The problem occurs when	I try to save something in the opera web browser.
	The file save/open dialog pops up. I click on save and a save dialog
	pops up. But I can't type any text in the save dialog. It does not receive
	keyborad focus even after clicking into it. The window bar is greyed
	(inactive). The open/save dialog under it has an active window bar.

	Lubos Soltes

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