Alt-Tab window cycle: extra code or xfdesktop window list? (was: Re: feature/configuration question)

Wolf Lichtenberger wowowolf at
Tue May 11 22:41:08 CEST 2004


Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
 > either way, it probably wouldn't be too hard to implement; it's just not
 > correct to say that most of the work is done and you could use the
 > windowlist implementation.

Sorry, i meant: most of the work is done if xfdesktop's window list were reused.

For getting at my windows this would already nearly fit my need.

In CVS Head there is a feature where xfdesktop can pop up its Applications menu 
with a command "xfdesktop -menu", which could be mapped to a xfwm4 shortcut. So 
i thought of something similar like "xfdesktop -windows", mapped to Alt-Tab.

The windows list doesn't look at all like a task switcher box/list, but this 
could IMHO fit the bill as well as save code and bloat.

-- Wolf Lichtenberger

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