Running apps are vanishing in v4.0.4...

Marv Boyes marvboyes at
Thu May 6 14:28:49 CEST 2004

Jack Coates wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 03:55, Marv Boyes wrote:
> ...
>>I appreciate the suggestion, Olivier, but (no offense) it doesn't fit 
>>the facts. For whatever reason, those apps are getting killed.
> ...
> killed? Or lost by the WM? If you use ps aux | less in a terminal, are
> they still there?

You know, I apologize for not checking my facts before using specific
terminology. I said 'killed' because they disappeared all at once,
without preamble; not because I had any idea what I was talking about.

Honestly, it didn't occur to me to check and see if the processes were
still running (read: n00b!). I suppose I ought to do that. ;)

However, I'm _guessing_ (there's a lot of that particular bad habit
going on here, and I'm sorry for it) that at least some of the apps are
being killed. For example: under different circumstances, when (for
instance) kppp, Thunderbird, or Firefox lose their windows for whatever
reason but continue to operate on the process level, I get a lot of
feedback when I try to relaunch them (kppp gripes about another instance
of kppp running; Firefox and Thunderbird demand that I select an
alternate profile). When any of these three have disappeared from Xfce4
under the circumstances I've described, I can relaunch them without any
resistance at all; they run as though they weren't running to begin with.

At any rate, I'll do my homework and report back the next time it
happens. In the meantime, I may see about RPMs for v4.0.5 (I'm still
awfully shaky with compiling from source, which is probably part of my

My apologies to Olivier for browbeating him about "facts" when
mine weren't straight to begin with. It's bad policy to piss off the 
developer. :)

Thanks for your patience,
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