clean close-down of KDE apps

Jack Kern jack_kern at
Thu May 6 15:42:29 CEST 2004

purslow at wrote:

>i use several KDE apps regularly, which start several KDE processes.
>when XFCE exits, these processes appear on screen having been killed.
>at the end of 'startkde', there are lines for clean-up of KDE, esp :
>  kdeinit_shutdown
>  dcopserver_shutdown
>  artsshell -q terminate
>but of course these don't get run when XFCE closes down.
>somewhere in the past few months there was a note -- mb in XFCE-user --
>recommending to add these or similar lines to an XFCE script,
>but i can't find it among my usually well-ordered archive of useful msgs.
>does anyone have suggestions which lines are needed & where to put them ?

I had saved this as I thought it may come in handy:

Peter Hyman wrote:

>I found KDE apps run fine -- even those that use the system tray
>(kopete, kgpg, for example). I suggest a few tweaks that could be added
>to the ~/.xfce4/xinitrc file
>1) if your KDEHOME directory is anything other than ~/.kde, then add
>KDEHOME=~/.mykde directory
>2) if you will be compiling or building KDE or if you have different
>versions of KDE or it is in a non-standard location, then add
>KDEDIR=kde base dir
>QTDIR=qt's base dir
>near the head of ~/.xfce4/xinitrc
>3) KDE needs to be shut down along with xfce4. I add the following two
>lines to the end of ~/.xfce4/xinitrc
>#kill KDE
>artsshell -q terminate
>Good Luck!

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