XFce FC1 RPM packager's gpg-key?

Art Wildman wildman at pobox.com
Wed Jan 28 11:15:22 CET 2004

Cool that'll work Chuck, I'm ignoring the gpgcheck for now. If/when I 
start sharing my yum.conf with others I'd like to point it to
some official XFce rpm repository & do the gpgcheck's though (just 
dottin my i's & crossing my T's). Would the 'rawhide' packages be 
compatible with Fedora & can they be placed in the testing/extras tree 
or one of the Major RPM* repositories? -Excuse my ignorance, never 
messed with rawhide much... Now I'm looking into migrating some legacy 
systems using fedoralegacy.org

Ref: There is work being done to support or update RH Linux
legacy distros from 7.2-9.0 to fedora...

Major *RPM* repositories

-HTH Art at JAX

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Steinar Bang wrote :

> The Fedora Legacy project[1] will create RPMs with security fixes for
> EOLed RedHat releases.  It currently supports 7.2, 7.3 and 8, and RH 9
> will be added when it is EOLed on April 31 2004[2].
> Will the freshrpms repositories for these distros start using the
> Fedora Legacy RPMs when they become available?

Yup, exactly.
Things are nearly into place over at fedoralegacy.org. I'll probably be
mirroring the /pub/fedoralegacy tree on ftp.freshrpms.net and replace the
"updates" apt/yum modules for EOLed distributions with the Fedora Legacy
ones which contain all the existing official Red Hat errata until the EOL,
as well as the new updates produced by the Fedora Legacy project.


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csm at Lunar-Linux.org wrote:

>Hash: SHA1
>I can't even remember if I signed them or not. Nor with which key if I 
>did. The pound sign in front of the gpg-check turns the check off... is 
>that not good enough? Also... my packages are not "official" the official 
>ones are making their way through Rawhide as we speak.
>On Mon, 26 Jan 2004, Art Wildman spewed into the bitstream:
>AW>Looking for XFce RPM packager's gpg-key to put in my /etc/yum.conf for 
>AW>name=Fedora Compatible XFCE4 Packages
>AW>Need to add the key like this...
>AW>root# rpm --import http://www.fedora.us/FEDORA-GPG-KEY

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