The file browser

Chris Brault groundhog3000 at
Mon Jan 26 21:23:26 CET 2004


> why not put the effort into adding to or improving
> Xffm ?

This  is a school project in a scripting language.
Giving it a purpose is nice, but not necessary. I
can't improve upon existing software and turn it in as
my own work (they might not find plagerism [i.e.
theft] acceptable). So why not do my best?

> suggestions: multi-rename of files (which i
> mentioned recently)

Not impossible, but it would take some thought as to
how to implement it.

> genuine 2-pane present'n a/a the existing need to
> open a new Xffm;

Like a split view with two seperate directories open?

> ability to edit the toolbars, esp to reduce items
> &/or icon size;

I suppose a dialog for preferences or a right click
menu could be added for one-time or rarely-adjusted preferences.

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