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Mon Jan 26 15:53:11 CET 2004

On Sun, 2004-01-25 at 10:45, Jack Coates wrote:

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> > Then why not using xffm ?
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> > Cheers,
> Reasons I don't use it, in no particular order (note that these are all
> issues that Rox filer doesn't have):
> Even in small view, it selects a font that is maybe five points bigger
> than any other font on my desktop. Since my eyesight isn't so good and I
> already use larger fonts than most people, we're talking like H2 in HTML
> :-)

That would be a bug, not a feature. But there is no such bug in

> Half the screen is taken up with toolbars. Yes, they can be collapsed,
> but I don't have the patience to go through all those buttons and figure
> out which ones I'm going to be using regularly.

Then the problem is not with the toolbars, but that you lack patience.

> It is bizarrely slow, compared to the rest of XFce4. While it is fast to
> start up, operations like a single-file drag-n-drop copy (860 bytes)
> take over a second to complete, most of which is popping up a file
> progress dialog. Doing it in Rox is as fast as doing in an xterm.

CVS is noticeably faster for the operation you mention, and others as
well. The delay was there to workaround a G_IO bug. G_IO was dropped
from CVS so that copying, smb navigation, fstab mounting and other pipe
related functions work faster.

> It doesn't ask if I want to copy or move a file when I drag-n-drop. 

You can set the default to copy or move. And you can use industry
standards, ctl-drag=copy, shift-drag=move ctr-shift-drag=symlink. But I
suppose you don't have patience here either ;-)

> I can't select multiple items by drawing a box around them.

Why should you? You are obviously not talking about a treeview...

> If I select two items, I have to keep the mouse button down while I
> decide where to drag them too; releasing the mouse button undoes the
> selection. Every other file manager I'm familiar with saves the
> selection state until you click on the background.

But treeview does not have a background, it has *rows*. There is no
empty space. Again, you are not referring to a treeview filemanager but
to a icon view filemanager.

> No thumbnails for image files.

They are off by default. You have to change the mode, but you probably
do not have the patience.  ;-)


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