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Mon Jan 26 13:45:18 CET 2004

Quote from the XFCE Faq:
6. Why are there no options to start an application without any window
decoration, to "keep it on top" of other windows, or to make it disappear
from the taskbar ?

xfwm4 does not, and will never, include any mechanism to bypass what the
application wants. The application should allow this by using standard
hints for Window Managers. Moreover, by doing it in the application, it
will work with all WM. Gkrellm2 is a good example of such implementation.

If you really want those features you should check Fluxbox out. It works
with layers on the desktop, every app resides in a layer and you can move
your windows through these layers, effectively creating always on top or
always under or always in the middle or...

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Subject: [Request] Always on top
From:    "Michal M. Lechanski" <mis at hustons.homechoice.co.uk>
Date:    Mon, January 26, 2004 1:06 pm
To:      xfce at xfce.org

Hi, I wonder if that would be posssible to have another items in a menu 
called by right click on a window name bar. I'd like to have "always on 
top" and "always on bottom" . I think they could be very handy. Also it 
would make me happy to have an opportunity to run a program with a flag 
"Always on top/bottom" set up (I know we'd have to use some kind of 
wrapper to run a program with this flag). What do you think - would it  be
usefull? would it be a hard to implement that?


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