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Sun Jan 25 03:00:58 CET 2004

On Thu, 2004-01-22 at 23:49, Chris Brault wrote:
> My idea,
> Was that either the XML would be app based or
> extention based. I decided extention based, by
> grouping extentions with related apps

Yes, that's what xffm does. There is currently no freedesktop mime
standard to associate app to the grouped selections, but a proposed
extension is used by xffm. If you use the same one it would be easy to
share data between the two applications. 

So the idea is from extensions determine the mime type (or group) a file
belongs to. To each group assign an application and icon. Look at the
files installed by current CVS in the xfce4-modules. It is possible to
load/unload the mime-applications modules on the fly to resolve for
applications on the basis of file extension. The mime-icons modules does
the same but provides capability to load theme based icons for each

The guys at freedesktop haven't yet realized the need to associate
applications to extensions (or mimetypes) but maybe in the future they

> > Just try to make your xml file to use the same tags.
> > That should not be
> > too difficult and would ensure compatibility without
> > extra work down the
> > road.
> > 
> > Edscott
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