dual monitor problem

Andrew andrewski at fr.st
Sat Jan 24 15:26:40 CET 2004

> That doesn't seem to work for me. I copied the xinitrc file from
> /etc/xfce4 to ~/.xfce/xinitrc and then added two lines
> export DISPLAY=:0.1
> export DISPLAY=:0.0
> to the top of the xinitrc script and changed the lines that start xfce
> to those that dan radom suggested. I don't see any difference. Am i
> doing something wrong here?

What you describe sounds different than what Olivier typed; you're
putting the export commands at the top, while he put them directly
before the appropriate commands:
> > 
> > export DISPLAY=:0.1
> > xfce-mcs-manager &
> > xfwm4 --daemon &
> > xfce4-iconbox &
> >  
> > export DISPLAY=:0.0
> > startxfce4

Looks like you have to export the display, run the commands for that
one, then export the display somewhere else and run the commands for the
second one.

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