dual monitor problem

dan radom dan at radom.org
Sat Jan 24 01:24:01 CET 2004

* Nicolas Mommaerts (nico at beatz.no-ip.org) wrote:
> I have a dual monitor setup, which works fine in Gnome. I'm NOT using
> Xinerama and don't want to either. When I start xfce4 only my main
> monitor is used. I can move the mouse to my other monitor though, but
> that screen is just black and the mouse cursor changes to a cross (the
> default arrow in X?) I searched the maillists and encountered  two
> people with the same problem but no solution...

Classic dual head isn't really supported.  Here's the work around I

grep relevant parts from .xinitrc

DISPLAY=:0.0; xfce-mcs-manager &
DISPLAY=:0.0; xfwm4 --daemon &
DISPLAY=:0.0; xfdesktop &
DISPLAY=:0.0; xbindkeys &
DISPLAY=:0.0; xfce4-panel &

DISPLAY=:0.1; xfce-mcs-manager &
DISPLAY=:0.1; xfwm4 --daemon &
DISPLAY=:0.1; xfce4-panel &
DISPLAY=:0.1; xbindkeys &
DISPLAY=:0.1; exec xfdesktop

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