Please bring back minimized icons on desktop!

Uwe Heinz Rudi Dippel Udippel at
Wed Jan 21 18:29:49 CET 2004

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From: Jack Coates

> Where would I place it for 
> accessibility ? Now I use 'shade' as taskbar command. But now 
> everythings shades above each other instead of nice iconised apps side
> by side.

How about the same corner that you minimize icons to in XFce3?

One problem here: When we deal with kernel configuration, a single solution
is fine. When we deal with user interface, it isn't. Why would we need so
many WMs, Gnome, KDE, XFCE ?
You won't succeed prescribing a user how to use the desktop. It would be
Now a certain interface has a feature, the user 'must' upgrade, the feature
vanishes. A problem of the user ?
Then another interface has a feature you like. You'll rather try to get this
feature as well, than asking 'I like that feature. I don't want it. How to
go about without it ?'

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