Please bring back minimized icons on desktop!

Uwe Dippel udippel at
Wed Jan 21 07:16:43 CET 2004

Rich Shepard wrote:

>>I am so sorry to see that Xfce 4 no longer lets you minimize windows into
>>desktop icons.  This is a very, very nice feature, and I believe a lot of
>>people like it.
>   Add me to the list of people who like this feature.

I'm running XFCE3.8 on an OpenBSD and XFCE4 on Debian side by side.
I tend to miss some features of XFCE4 on the other machine, but I also 
miss some the other way round.
Personally, please, XFCE4 seems to go a tick into GNOME / KDE direction 
and away from CDE (which - I concede - is hated by almost everyone. Not 
by myself, though).

Iconbox is another somewhat clunky piece. Where would I place it for 
accessibility ? Now I use 'shade' as taskbar command. But now 
everythings shades above each other instead of nice iconised apps side 
by side.

2 sen for minimised icons !

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