Accentuated characters in xffm (samba module)

Sergey Manucharyan serge at
Tue Jan 20 15:13:01 CET 2004

AA> Damn, I'm so stupid sometimes :-) Now you've pointed it, it does seem
AA> pretty obvious...
Believe me, I also didn't get it from the first :)

AA> Back to the original thread, I entered ISO-8859-15 in the field, but I
AA> still get hieroglyphs instead of accentuated chars :-(
AA> I tried several spellings (iso-8859-15, ISO-8859-15, iso8859-15,
AA> ISO8859-15) but none of them work... [the one I use in my Gnome apps is
AA> ISO-8859-15]
The SMB_CODESET has helped me to see cyrillic characters on the local
drives, but I've never tried it for shares...


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