xffm & xmms

Alexandre Aractingi aaractingi at libertysurf.fr
Mon Jan 19 10:42:43 CET 2004

Sergey Manucharyan wrote:
> Hi all,
> Has anybody tryed to drag-n-drop files and directories 
> from xffm to xmms? Xmms continues to play (if it's playing), 
> doesn't add anything to the playlist and STOPS to interact with
> keyboard and mouse. Everything is ok with drag-n-dropping from
> Konqueror, Endeavour or Xnc file managers.
> Is it bug or feature? :)

Hi, I had a few troubles with drag'n drop from xffm into xmms, but it
was mainly related to the fact that if a file is selected in xffm, and I
select another file / folder, the first one doesn't get unselected, and
thus is drag'n dropped along with the desired file into xmms.
But no xmms hanging and all... (Mandrake 9.1 / XFce 4.0.3)

Alexandre Aractingi <aaractingi at libertysurf.fr>

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