No Text on Menus or Tool Tips

Bill Trenker wtrenker at
Mon Jan 19 01:47:40 CET 2004

I've just downloaded and built xfce4.  It's running fine but there is no text showing on any menus or tool-tips.  For instance, if I roll the mouse over an icon in the tool bar, a small, yellow tool-tip shows up but there is no text in it.  Same thing if I click on any menu, the icons for each menu item show up fine but there is no text beside it.  I can launch applications, like the mail client I'm using for this message, and the text in them is just fine.

I've got the latest, stable XFree86 and the latest, stable GTK+2.  I've built several GTK+2 apps, such as AbiWord, and they work fine.

I'm wondering if perhaps there is a setting in an xfce4 configuration file that I've missed.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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