possible bug using Lil'Star Iconbox

Peter Santoro psantoro at att.net
Sun Jan 18 16:43:55 CET 2004

I'm using xfce4 4.0.3 (built from source and using checkinstall 1.6b2) 
under slackware 9.1 with updates.  I just tried Lil'Star Iconbox 
(appearance = minimized only, alignment = vert. upwards) and I believe 
I've discovered a bug: sometimes iconbox loses icons and/or disappears 
from desktop.

To recreate:

1) run startxfce4
2) start 2 instances of terminal (or at least two other apps)
3) minimize both terminal windows (they should now be in the iconbox)
4) click on one terminal in iconbox
5) drag this terminal window over the iconbox
6) either iconbox loses other terminal icon so that the iconbox now 
appears empty (other terminal is still running) or iconbox disappears 
from desktop
7) if iconbox disappears, it can sometimes be brought back by dragging 
the open terminal window over where the iconbox used to be (you may have 
to repeat this a few times)

Of course, maybe I've done something wrong.


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