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Just a note: Morphix Litegui uses XFCE4 and also has the functionality
of changing monitor resolution, just as you say.  You may now return to
generating ideas.

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Yes, I think it isn't necessary. You could make a lot of apps like that
to make dirs, delete dirs, copy files, but it wouldn't be useful. Why
don't you make an app to [u]mount devices? So the new users won't have
to write the script for "Two-state Launcher" app.

It would be nice to have another app very small but beauty that could
make possible to change the resolution of my monitor and X without my
keyboard, isn't it? Or an very configurable app to get my panel a
quickly system to open my logs. I also would like and app to change the
wallpaper with a randon system with all files in a directory. Or an app
to show the state of mldonkey, ;). I think I could get more ideas but I
don't think you like it, :).

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