What makes Xfce so good?

Lionel Laratte myth47 at comcast.net
Mon Jan 12 03:09:57 CET 2004

My turn:

I like Xfce because:

1. It's simple - I'm not a programmer but I love technology and I run
Linux on an old laptop (PII 266, 96MB RAM) and an old desktop (K6-2 500,
128 MB RAM) and it's fast on both.

2. It looks and feels professional.

3. The people on this list have never made me feel like a meathead.
Even when RTFM would have been appropriate, I received help in an

Thanks, everyone.  The product of your labor is appreciated.

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If you're using bash, add export TERMCMD="gnome-terminal" to your 
.bashrc file.   (I believe you will have to restart your X session for 
the change to work.)

Yan Seiner wrote:

> Olivier Fourdan wrote:
>> Lol! For good reason, there is no such "xfce terminal", it's a 
>> wrapper shell script to whatever terminal you want, primarily used 
>> for DnD purpose.
>> Just set TERMCMD to gnome-terminal and type "xfterm", you'll see.
> Where do I set this so it's activated on login?  I've been changing
> the menu to launch gnome-terminal.
> --Yan

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