What makes Xfce so good?

purslow at sympatico.ca purslow at sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 11 22:39:30 CET 2004

040111 Chris Brault wrote:
> It seems that most people use Xfce4 to get real work done real fast.

add to mine that (obviously) i use OpenOffice for WP & spreadsheet.

> However, why is Xfce better than Enlightenment, WindowMaker or IceWM,
> since they too are small and modular and fast? 

back c 0210 , i tried out all the WMs available on my then Mdk 9.0 system.
my notes fr the exercise were (excuse my personal jargon):

  Enlightenment 0.16.5 : start  9 s :  www.enlightenment.org/ :
    diffc to cfg; MCC wo~ start (menu/CLI); help: man ;

  WindowMaker 0.80.1 : start  9 s :  www.windowmaker.org/ :
    help:  ~/linfo/wmaker/ ; applic'ns menu wo~ wk (mb fixed);

  IceWM 1.2.0 : start  7 s :  icewm.sourceforge.net/ :
     10  desktops: cfg via 'icepref';
    help:  /usr/share/doc/icewm-1.2.0/icewm.html  (long).

my memory is that none of them was easy to configure or find help for.

XFCE 3.18.n was already set up to use & its help v easy to find & read;
also, it had a sensible panel w simple menus & easy-to-manage desktops.
XFCE 4 has simply carried it all on, but more quickly & smoothly:
where's your problem ... (smile)?

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