What makes Xfce so good?

Chris Brault groundhog3000 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 11 19:42:47 CET 2004

Thanks for all your wonderful and indformative
It seems that most people who use Xfce4, use it so
that they can get real work done real fast without the
"bloat". However, while attempting to write about
using Xfce on my web site
(http://groundhog.zevallos.com), I ran across the
following problem:

Why is Xfce better than Enlightenment, WindowMaker or
IceWM, since they too are small and modular and fast? 

I think that this is a pertinent question, and besides
that, it is really bothering me.

Also, since my responces to the app question were
answered (most people still use their "other" desktop
for it's admin tools), then perhaps I should make the
de-archiver into an archiver and perhaps I should
develop an app to add and delete users? Hmmmm.... good
idea? Bad idea? Could have it done in a few days and
see if it meets a real need ... any ideas ...

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