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Chris Brault groundhog3000 at
Sat Jan 10 09:33:21 CET 2004

I have been hacking at it for a while, get I have
support for tar.gz, tar.bz2 and bz2. Gzip has a hangup
about "zlib", which I am writing a workaround for, and
zip is just being a bugar.

It's the artwork that makes it look cool, isn't it? I
learned to program python by doing superkaramaba
themes on, so learned that looks are
everything to the average joe, functionality aside.
But then again, I doubt that Xfce users are "average

Anyways, I have attached a copy of the
(source/execuatble) and the images it needs. Run it
from the command line or open it with python (make
sure you have pyGTK2 installed). It isn't even in
Alpha yet, but it works ... a little.

If you can do python, some help, especially
identifying file types so the lower window can preview
them, would help. Otherwise, I hope you ah ... learn
something new.

P.S.: Yes, this is a dirty hack, so keep that in mind.

> Can you plaese tell me were to get the source for
> that little app it 
> sems pretty good :-)

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