Change Desktop Wallpaper periodically

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Thu Jan 8 10:42:21 CET 2004

Op do 08-01-2004, om 10:24 schreef Moritz Heiber:
> On Thu, 8 Jan 2004 09:54:00 +0100
> Thorsten Grothe <thorsten-grothe at> wrote:
> > Hi erveryone,
> Hello Thorsten,
> > is ist possible to change the desktop wallpaper periodically, for
> > example every day? Another nice thing would be to have a different
> > desktop wallpaper for every workspace.
> Your first request can be accomplished by running xfdesktop via cron at
> midnight every day for example. Only few people now that rerunning
> xfdesktop repaints the background window.

Well, cron won't work, because it is not run in the same session
(DISPLAY is not defined).

But you can run something like this from ~/.xfce4/xinitrc (or ~/.xinitrc
if you don't use startxfce4):

( while [ -n "$DISPLAY" ] ; do sleep 1d; xfdesktop; done ) &

If you define a list of background images, running 'xfdesktop' will
choose a new random background.

Of course if you reboot every day, just defining a list of images is
sufficient to get a new random background every day.

> Multiple backgrounds, like different ones for every virtual desktop are
> to come real soon now (tm) (I think).

hmm, I don't know about that ...


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