Pan troubles

Paul Trevethan elist at
Sun Jan 4 22:19:50 CET 2004

Hi all,

I am currently using XFce4 v4.0.1 and thought I might just report here on
a major problem I was having with Pan newsreader.

The SUSE v9.0 distro comes with Pan v0.14.0.73 which uses gnet v1.1.9.53.
This has been working just fine with (first KDE and then) XFce4. However,
I updated the version of Pan to v0.14.2 (that uses gnet 2.?) from the SUSE
"people" ftp site and it caused serious trouble!

It opened ok and in fact you could use it - however, as soon as you exited
the program it warm booted the machine; and it mattered not how you exited
(IE from menu, corner icon or keystroke). 

The SUSE employee who put together the Pan & gnet rpm's has been trying to
help me track down exactly what the problem was caused by but he is on
holidays at the moment.

We had not had any success narrowing down exactly where the problem lay
and I was starting to get file corruption from the constant rebooting so I
uninstalled and went back to a clean install of the distro versions and no
problem since.

For what it is worth, I just thought I would post the problem here (as I
am using xfce) in case anyone with far more knowledge than me wants to
look at the interaction of the three programs?


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