jb ashashiwa at
Sun Jan 4 17:02:41 CET 2004

Hi all :)

I'm remastering Morphix Light-Gui to provide an Astronomy oriented 
Distribution and I need some features : 

I'm using Rox and Pinboard capacities. So, I want to run 
rox pinboard=astro
when xfce is in place.

What I find on the web :
place a 
~/Destop/.Autostart/  for example.

I don't try it because I don't want my home too filled with many directory.

In which Script can I include 
"rox pinboard=astro" ?

Thanks a lot.


PS : si vous voulez repondre en francais, n'hesitez pas.

Pour débuter la webcam
Linux pour l'astronomie

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