Happy new year / XFce in 2004

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at moongroup.com
Thu Jan 1 13:21:13 CET 2004

Happy new year everyone!

It hasn't been the best year for me and if it weren't for XFce I would
have said it plain sucked. Now, with the first stable release of XFce 4
being generally well received and the xfce-goodies project working out
very well indeed, things didn't feel quite so bad and I'm actually
looking forward to 2004 ;-)


  "My new years resolution: 1280x1024" -- smasherjohann on Slashdot 

Some things I would like to see happening for XFce 4:

* gnome/kde/freedesktop menu support + menu editor

* Session manager release

* Drag and drop of panel items to move/add/remove them

* More people getting involved! We really can use some people with
coding skills, ideas and, more important than anything else, time.

* Desktop icons.

Nah, not that last one ;-) 

So, that's just a few things I'm looking forward to. What would you like
to see? I'm especially interested in the big picture like completely
missing pieces or interoperability issues, but any ideas are welcome.
After all we have a whole new year to implement them ;-)

Oh, and thanks to everyone who has helped in any way to make XFce 4
become as good as it is now!


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