xfce in kiosks

Bob Ramsey robert-ramsey at uiowa.edu
Thu Dec 30 19:11:12 CET 2004


I would like to set up some kiosk machines for students and use xfce as the 
window manager because of its speed and appearance.  I've got things pretty 
tightly locked down, but I'm having trouble changing the menu that pops up 
when the user right clicks on the panel.  I don't want the users adding or 
removing anything from the panel once I get it customized for them.

These machines are intended to just be left on and logged in as a generic 
round the clock, not rebooted between each user.

I tried setting the files +i to make them immutable, but that didn't work 
(although I might be misremembering the correct syntax for chattr:  chattr 
-R +i *).

Any ideas?



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