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Dimarts 28 Desembre 2004 11:43, en/na Jasper Huijsmans (<Jasper Huijsmans 
<jasper at xfce.org>>) va escriure:
>>Icon themes
> Hey all,
> Xfce 4.2 uses the global icon theme setting (user interface dialog) to
> find icons for the panel and desktop menu. Unfortunately not many themes
> support Xfce very well.
> I put a couple of icon archives on my site that extend several
> well-known icon themes. The corresponding icon themes have to be
> installed for this to work.
> http://www.loculus.nl/xfce/index.php?wiki=IconThemes
> Unpack them in the location of your icon themes (/usr/share/icons).
> Improvements and additions are welcome. It's a first try, they are not
> complete.
>  Jasper

Jasper, good initiative.

But one comment: can you add the old xfce panel icons (from 4.0.x: Freeicons, 
Xfce, Gnome,  Curve, Noia, ...) as another category. Maybe some user from 4.2 
want to change the icon to one launcher of the panel to the old xfce icon. 
Now he/she can't do it (else he/she has the old xfce installed).

This category of icons is good of mainteinance: because no changes are 
possible ;-)


PS: Sorry for me poor english.
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