How do you make "videosnapshots" of xfce 4.0.x in webpage?

Francois Le Clainche fleclainche at
Mon Dec 27 19:20:51 CET 2004

Le lundi 27 décembre 2004 à 11:51 +0000, Dave Hope a écrit :

> > Hi,


> Hello, a belated Merry Christmas,

> > First of all, happy xmas to all.
> > I remember that in the old webpage, there is a flash player videos of 4.0.x 
> > xfce releases.

> Indeed there ?Was?,

Result of bandwidth usage limitation policy.
Idem for the screenshots.

> > I just want to know how do you make it, and if is it possible to make the same 
> > in other formats (mpg, divx, animated png...) instead of flash.

> Francois, the xfce webmaster used a VNS sesstion to record what he was
> doing, he then converted them to swf format. I assume he used this [1] tool.

*VNC* session :)

> As for other formats, I can only imagine. But I assume somewhere there's
> a program to convert between vns and video or swf and video, from there
> you can just use mencoder to re-encode it to yuor desired format.

Indeed, I used vnc2swf and it works very well.
Alternatively you can use vncrec and transcode to create video files.

Tools do exist for creating a .swf file from a video file too.

> Whilst this is not the approach that was taken, you may also like to try
> Wink [2], it is my undersranding that they're currently beta testing a
> Linux version.

> Dave.

> *[1]
> *[2]


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