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Joe Klemmer klemmerj at
Sat Dec 25 05:12:17 CET 2004

On Fri, 24 Dec 2004, Brian J. Tarricone wrote:

> as someone in a previous thread noted, the fedora RPMs are b0rked; they
> were mistakenly compiled against gtk 2.6.

	Ah, well that sucks.  Anyone know if there's a reissue of the rpms
in the works?  I can manage with mwm or vtwm (or even WindowMaker if I
have to) for a little while but would really like to get back to xfce.

	Thanks for the reply.  I'm something like 900 messages behind in
this list.

	Man, I remember the xfce 1.x days.  There was just a handful of us
back then.  It was even before there ever was any lists for xfce.  
Sometimes I think I'm getting old.  Well, older than I am.  I remember
being back in the real old days of Linux and open source.  I remember when
xfce was a panel that ran with fvwm.  I found it because I wanted
something close to CDE.  There was another wm that was kinds CDE like.  I
think it was ctwm.  But xfce was better.  Then Olivier went mad and coded
up some unbelievable stuff, adding his own wm and making configuration and
usability improvements that were staggering in their simplicity and
usefulness.  I wish there were someone who would take up the xfce 3 code
and just maintain it.  Don't get me wrong, xfce 4 is killer and definitely
the one to use (for me, at least).  But it was a whole lot easier when it
was all one package to install.

	Ah, don't mind me...  I'm just feeling a little moody.  It's
Christmas Eve and I'm alone in my house barely able to walk with no food
in the house because I've been unemployed since November 18th.  It's not 
looking good for my future employment as nobody wants to hire a part-time 
Linux guru no matter what his guruness ability score is.

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