Problems with (was: Re: Xfce 4.2 Release Candidate 3)

Joe Klemmer klemmerj at
Sat Dec 25 02:42:57 CET 2004

On Thu, 23 Dec 2004, Klaus Newman wrote:

> I just installed RC3 on my Gentoo system. Everything works just fine so far. 
> Great job!
> That's what I wanted for Christmas! Thank you very much, dear developers!

	I did an rpm -Uvh on all the rpms to go from rc2 to rc3 and now my
desktop is completely borked.  

* The xfce settings window has only three options [mouse, workspaces and
margins, xfcalendar] (see attached).  

* The taskbar is now just a grey bar on the screen with nothing on it at

* All the other settings, like focus and themes and such, are all gone.

* The clock seems to have gone AWOL on the panel.

* xfdesktop is a little better than before but still doesn't like my 
system.  Here's the error trace from when it runs...


[klemmerj at emperor ~]$ xfdesktop&
[1] 21606
[klemmerj at emperor ~]$ 
(xfdesktop:21606): Gtk-WARNING **: 
/usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.4.0/engines/ undefined symbol: 

** (xfdesktop:21606): CRITICAL **: XfceDesktopMenu init failed (The 
XfceDesktopMenu module could not be loaded: 
/usr/lib/xfce4/modules/ undefined symbol: 

** (xfdesktop:21606): WARNING **: xfdesktop: Unable to initialise menu 
module. Right-click menu will be unavailable.

xfdesktop: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined 
symbol: g_return_if_fail_warning


(The last line comes up when trying to do anything with the middle 

	Is there a good/easy/non-destructive way of uninstalling all of 
this and trying it fresh?  Can I just run an rpm -e on all the rpm 
packages in the distribution file (including the plug-ins I have 
installed)?  I'm going to try it and see.  I recently had to mess with my 
yum.conf because something was confused about the libxfcegui4 was 
conflicting with something somewhere.

	Ah, for the good old days of DOS and Terminals...  NOT!  As much 
as all this stuff gives me headaches it's so much better than the "Good 
ol' days".

	Here's waiting for RC 4 and wishing everyone a Happy 

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