How does one print in XFce?

Anthony Ewell aewell at
Mon Dec 20 19:34:59 CET 2004

Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> Erik Harrison wrote:
> ...
>> The printer management tool (if I understand correctly) is not a
>> complete frontend to CUPS or lpr. Regardless, the FireFox printing
>> issue is probably a FireFox bug or config issue. Try the Mozillazine
>> forums, perhaps, for help
> This doesn't help you any, but I had the same problem with Firefox 
> yesterday.
> The print-manager problem might be that you have to choose cups as the 
> backend int the print settings dialog.
>     Jasper

Hi All,

   This is what Mozillazine wrote me back:

          I am not familiar with XFce, but if it works like
          kde then the printer must be defined in it also.

   How do I do this?

Many thanks,

I Fish.  Therefore, I am.

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