How does one print in XFce?

Anthony Ewell aewell at
Mon Dec 20 02:29:29 CET 2004

Hi All,

    I am running xfce- on White
Box Linux 3.0 respin 1 (think of it as Red Hat 9-1/2).
My printer is an Okidata 14e (PCL5e).

    I have configured my printer in CUPS (redhat-config-
printer-  CUPS printed a really
fancy graphics page to my printer without a hitch.

    Problem:  when I go to print something from Firefox
(firefox-1.0.installer.tar.gz), Firefox says my printer
is "postscript/oki14ex".  If I go ahead and print, my
printer's light flash on and off for about 10 minutes
and then the printer starts to print page after page of
rubbish (random stuff, not postscript text).

   I look in my XFce printers tool button, and I find
no printers listed.

   Printing can not be this difficult, no one would
ever use Linux and/or XFce.  Therefore, I must be doing
something wrong.  Any ideas?

Many thanks,

I Fish.  Therefore, I am.

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