4.1.99 slow

Fredrik Normann fredrin at ifi.uio.no
Thu Dec 16 14:47:54 CET 2004

Mark Houlder wrote:
> i just installed the latest builds (from gentoo portage,, and 
> i love the new xfce. however, it's running much slower than it used to - 
> switching workspaces takes a second or more when it used to be 
> instantaneous, switching between windows isn't as snappy as it used to 
> be, and trying to scroll in mozilla results in a horribly choppy, 
> jumping screen.

I've got the same problem with the same install (gentoo portage) Everything 
feels so slow.

What kind of graphics adapter do you got? I've got ATI with kernel drivers


cd /pub;more beer;find -type f|grep girl;date;date;date; \
cd /home;unzip;strip;touch;finger;mount;fsck;more;yes;umount;sleep; \
echo "lynx http://www.cigar.com"; >todo;at -f todo -v now + 9 months

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