4.1.99 slow

Mark Houlder mark_houlder at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 16 14:02:19 CET 2004

i just installed the latest builds (from gentoo portage,, and 
i love the new xfce. however, it's running much slower than it used to - 
switching workspaces takes a second or more when it used to be 
instantaneous, switching between windows isn't as snappy as it used to 
be, and trying to scroll in mozilla results in a horribly choppy, 
jumping screen.

i also have the latest gnome installed and it's much, much quicker. 
which it never used to be - i stopped using gnome because it was too 
slow, but now compared to the latest xfce it's lightning quick.

i've tried seeing which processes are to blame, but the general load 
average and cpu usage doesn't seem to be any higher than normal (0.2% 
for X seems to be the average cpu usage level, as it was before; load 
average is normally around 0.2). load and cpu usage both spike whenever 
i switch workspaces.

i've tried removing render and composite from my X config, which made no 

is this a known problem with the current release, or is there likely to 
be something wrong with my setup? having gnome much quicker than xfce 
just seems... wrong!

in an unrelated issue, i can no longer use borderless aterms; my TERMCMD of

    aterm +sb -cr gray -fg white -tr -sh 33 -fade 85 -sl 1000

results in windows with borders. is this meant to happen?


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