Media Players

Erik Harrison erikharrison at
Sun Dec 12 23:57:39 CET 2004

Alright, I was waiting for this. xfmedia (my default media player
since its release) has become my default, in perpetuity.  I have and
Xfce only desktop here, so Gnome and KDE libs are unavailable. I
opened a bug with the Totem developer about the supposed GTK only
build of Totem being broken. It is now officially marked as WONTFIX.

So, xfmedia is my player, but I'm still stuck with using GXine as my
browser plugin. Unfortunately, it seems that both GXine and the
xine-ui style Moz plugin are unmaintained. Does anyone know of a
maintained (it doesn't even have to be good) media player plugin for
Moz with only xine/GTK as dependencies, to use here with my desktop?

And if not, could someone give me this never-touched-C-before n00b
some pointers on where to write one?


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