icon-box does not work anymore

Jacques Montier jacmonti at club-internet.fr
Fri Dec 10 21:09:32 CET 2004

Brian J. Tarricone a gentiment ecrit le 10.12.2004 

> did you actually remove the stuff above your "........" line?  if not, it's
> likely starting the session manager, and the rest of the file isn't used.
> in that case, just hit alt+f2 and run xfce4-iconbox, and be sure to save
> the session on exit.
> if your xinitrc contains only what you pasted, then that should work.  from
> inside X, check to see if xfce4-iconbox is in the process list.  if not,
> try running it from a terminal.  if it fails, let us know if it printed
> any output.
> 	-brian

No, it was just a part of my xinitrc.
I did not want it to be too long to read.
So i did what you wrote and everything works fine 
now !
Thank you very much for your help.
I like XFCE4, it is the best desktop environment i 
ever use.


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