Multiple Desktops 4.2 RC1

Don Christensen djc at
Fri Dec 10 20:57:10 CET 2004

Derek T. Yarnell wrote:
> Ok I have a setup that I can't have Xinerama (broken matlab issues with
> it) and have 2 screens. xfwm4 does handle both but I don't want the same
> number of virtual desktops on both, don't want the taskbar on both,
> don't want the panel on both. What are my options? I can't seem to stop
> things from starting up 2 of xfce4-panel and xfce4-taskbar.
> Thanks.

For me, it defaults to having the same stuff on both screens, but then
you can change it if you want.  I'm guessing that you are using the
session manager, so you would need to kill the taskbar and panel on
the screen where you don't want them, then log out and make sure the
session manager saves your session settings.

You should also be able to set things like number of virtual desktops
independently.  I can, but I don't think I am quite fully up to 4.2RC1
yet.  This has been an area where bugs have been recycled from time
to time, so it's possible there is a problem.  I haven't been doing
my duty in testing the latest CVS as often as I would like.  The
multiple-screen support is important to me, and it doesn't seem there
are too many people using it, so I try to look for and report problems
as much as possible.


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