xfce4rc1 wm notes

Guido Draheim guidod-2003- at gmx.de
Thu Dec 9 02:29:42 CET 2004

- playing around with settings and wallpaper
  made the windowmanager crash
- using xawtv to display a tv channel - using
  desktop changer on the panel - the window
  decoration of the tv overlay is removed but
  the tv stream is still played
- dual head screen (I did not want xinerama but
  nvidia twinhead is stupid I guess) - unlike
  in kde some windows open with a geometry larger
  than one head. Annoying. If the app wants to
  be 1600 wide it will be so on a 2x1024 setup.
xdpyinfo -ext XINERAMA
XINERAMA version 1.1 opcode: 154
  head #0: 1024x768 @ 1024,0
  head #1: 1024x768 @ 0,0

System Info:
  Suse 9.2 with xfce4rc1 rpm packages from
  with NVidia 5700 drivers per xorg-x11-6.8.1-15

-- guido
GCS/E/S/P C++/++++$ ULHS L++w- N++@ s+:a d(+-) r+@>+++

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