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Don Christensen djc at
Mon Dec 6 23:33:04 CET 2004

BluPhoenyx wrote:
> On Monday 06 December 2004 03:32, Benedikt Meurer wrote:
>>Ok ok, I think we need some clarification here: It is really useless to
>>report user problems in bugzilla; I guess Brian was too general in his
>>explanations. This mailinglist is for discussing user problems. You
>>should only use bugzilla in one of the following cases:
> Thank you. This basically covers what I asked. Having used Xfce for quite some 
> time the issue didn't relate to me but it made certain people look 
> unconcerned and using a common response, use the bug tracker.

It seems to me that a valiant effort was made in this whole discussion
to avoid the real reason for having it in the first place.  There is one
particular user who has generated a fair amount of frustration and probably
anger as well.  This user has engaged in arguments and repeatedly seems to
ignore answers and/or advice from the developers.

I can't speak directly for the developers of Xfce, but I know that this is
how I feel (as do other subscribers to the list, based on some of the
sarcastic responses I've seen), and I would be surprised if I am misreading
the feelings behind some of the emails from the devs (even though they have
done their best not to let it show too much).  More than once I have wished
that this particular user would unsubscribe from the list, as harsh as that
sounds.  I've also thought about filtering at my end.  Hopefully this won't
be necessary.

Benedikt has nicely brought the discussion back around to normalcy and I
think diffused some of the animosity and concern over the use of the list.
I don't think anything really needs to change much about how the list works
or how people use it, other than users should not be reluctant to file a bug
in bugzilla if they believe that something is broken or missing, rather than
discussing it here.

If I'm way off base here, please forgive me.  I just thought this was
something that needed to be said.


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