How do I prevent the taskbar from loading?

Harold Crouch hcrouch at
Sun Dec 5 23:58:55 CET 2004

Harold Crouch wrote:
>> How do I prevent xftaskbar4 from loading in xfce-4.2?
>> I went into /etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc and deleted the line that read
>> xftaskbar4&, but the taskbar still loads at startup.

Stephen Kúhn wrote: 
> Because possibly the session manager is remembering it running?
> I just did a killall -9 xftaskbar4, then logged out and then back in
> again - gone. (A workaround...)

My configuration is to *not* automatically save session on logout.  
I did the "killall -9 xftaskbar4," log out and log back in, and the
taskbar still loads. ?!?!?!

If I was a little smarter, I might know the correct command to use
grep to search through the files in certain directories for the
"xftaskbar4" string.  :-(

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