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Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Sun Dec 5 09:22:10 CET 2004

BluPhoenyx wrote:
> Ok, I guess I've been around mail lists far too long, and simply don't see the 
> reason for using the lists anymore.
> Like I said, prior. It's probably just me.
> 'nuf said.

I don't see the point in this discussion. xfce at is a mailinglist 
for Xfce *users* and has ever been since the very early 4.0 days. This 
list worked very fine during that time. I don't see any reason why we 
should change that. As Brian said, bug reports don't belong here. 
Everybody is free to discuss problems, questions, etc., but when the 
problem turns out to be a bug and a developer asks you to file a bug 
report, please just go ahead and file the bug report. It doesn't help 
the project, nor does it help the user in question, if he continues to 
discuss the bug here (from my experience, discussion - from a users 
point of view - doesn't help to fix software bugs either).

Just my 0.02€...


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