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Auke Kok sofar at
Sat Dec 4 21:33:59 CET 2004

BluPhoenyx wrote:

>On Saturday 04 December 2004 09:13, Jaime Buffery wrote:
>>>When I run xfprint-manager (4.2rc1) I can't set alias name. I general, I
>>>can't go to Propieties. When I go into Menu-->Propieties no window
>>Sorry, you mean this is bug filled on the bugtracker by you, right? Not a
>>mail sent directly to this list again. Am I right?
>What is the point of these lists if everone is required to use the bugtracker? 
>Perhaps the lists should be canceled and a pointer to the bug tracker be put 
>on the proper web pages. Perhaps Xfce4 is following the path of other DE's.
The list is easy for users, but bad for developers. These lists contains 
cries for help, cooking recipes and other off-topic questions that a 
developer does not even need to read to be able to improve xfce4.

The bug tracker is a way of separating this fluff from the stuff that 
the developers need.

This list (it's xfce... not xfce-dev) is for USERS to discuss problems 
amongst each other. When they find out that it's a problem for everyone 
they should file a bugreport.

Meanwhile everybody is free to ask for help on xfce at, discuss 
how good and pretty xfce is, which are their favorite xfce developers 
etc... Since that is what this list (amongst others) is for. Please 
submit the true bugreports in the tracker meanwhile ;^).


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